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Road Report #7: Arrival at destination

Road Report #6: Trucks cross New Mexico

Road Report #5: Still trucking through Texas

Update: Weather service warns of black ice

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory regarding widespread black ice in the mountains and other parts of North Carolina. The advisory remains in effect until noon Tuesday, Dec. 28.

Road Report #3: Trucks make it to Texas

The truck drivers have stopped for the night near the Texas-Arkansas border. They are taking an alternative route south of Interstate 40 to avoid possible bad weather.

Road Report #2: Band trucks roll past Memphis

The band trucks hit more snowy stretches of highway between Nashville and Memphis, and are continuing on to Little Rock, Ark.

Road Report #1: Band trucks make it to Tennessee

Volunteer truck drivers prepare for wintry weather

A white Christmas spelled more work for truck drivers who are volunteering their time to help the WCU band transport equipment to California for the Tournament of Roses.