Students take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

Students enjoy Santa Monica

WCU photographer Mark Haskett sent three photos from Santa Monica, where students are enjoying the morning before heading to the Getty Museum.

Students flew in to California.

Video: Student records WCU-to-California trip

WCU student Heather Weaver captured this fun footage of band members loading trucks, flying to California and arriving at the Hyatt in Anaheim.

Slideshow: Seeing the sights

Slideshow: More photos from Bandfest

Slideshow: Band visits Rose Bowl

Lunch after Bandfest

The Pride rocks out at Bandfest

Band goes to Rose Bowl for official photo

Painter: ‘Can’t stop the rock’

Electronics coordinator Dustin Painter (pictured far right) will sing “can’t stop the rock” through the vocoder today (Thursday, Dec. 30) during the band’s field show “Rock U,” which will be performed at the Tournament of Roses Bandfest.

5:30 a.m.: Breakfast before Bandfest

Experience the excitement! Interact with the Pride as they post highlights from the road.